Fascist Threat in the NRV: Profile on Mark Neuhoff

(editor’s note: the screencaps with further proof of Mark Neuhoff and his social media accounts expressing his fascist ideas are posted below the text.)


For the past year fascist agitation has been occurring around Virginia Tech. This has included swastika fliers dumped in front of the student Jewish center and posting propaganda of a white supremacist organization known as Identity Europa around campus. There is a fascist threat in our community and they are situated in Virginia Tech and their name is Mark Daniel Neuhoff.

The university has known of this person’s politics for some time yet has done nothing. Virginia Tech professes specific principles they wish to shape their community. One such principle reads, “We reject all forms of prejudice and discrimination, including those based on age, color, disability, gender, national origin, political affiliation, race, religion, sexual orientation, and veteran status.” Yet Virginia Tech currently employs Neuhoff, a white supremacist teaching assistant in the English Department.

Mark Daniel Neuhoff is a person who violates every aspect of Virginia Tech’s principles, and does so on full display through social media. Who is Mark talking to? Well his 1,830 facebook friends. This list is composed of members of the Alt-Right and White Nationalists from around the globe. He is posting his hatred, disguised as speech to members of White Live Matter, Vanguard America, Traditional Workers Party, Neo-Nazis, and European Far-Right extremists. As a teaching assistant, Mark presides over the academic, emotional, and physical well-being of individuals he chooses to dehumanize and delegitimize through his social media platforms. Students and co-workers are at risk from Mark. They are at risk of being exploited for white nationalist propaganda or oppressed academically simply based on their religion or race. Their physical well-being is at threat, as Mark has brought attention to multiple students attempting to speak out against his hate by posting their images and names to the notorious message board /pol/ on the 4chan website.

Mark’s department faculty and leaders as well as Virginia Tech’s Dean of Students, multiple Vice-Presidents, and even President Sands have been notified of Mark’s dangerous rhetoric. They have also been provided ample evidence of his writings. By failing to take action, Virginia Tech simply amplifies the hatred and danger, empowering Mark and placing his students at an even greater risk of emboldened actions. Virginia Tech fails in both their service to their principles, as well as in living up to their service motto. When a Hokie says, Ut Prosum (That I May Serve), it very well may be that the service is solely dedicated to anti-semitism, racism, and white supremacy. The university bureaucrats only care about the university’s legal liability, we can’t rely on them to solve the fascist threat in our community. We must make it known fascism is not welcome here.



























12 thoughts on “Fascist Threat in the NRV: Profile on Mark Neuhoff

  1. He needs to go on the website, Yes, you’re a racist. It is ridicules that the faculty, which suppose to stand for equality, are allowing this punk, not only to spread his hate, but also to have the freedom to do so in a teaching complicity. It may be his right to free speech, but that doesn’t make him exempt from the consequences of doing so. He life should be made a living hell, just as he is trying to do to others. I’d love to have a man-to-man conversation with this little tweeb!


  2. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that guy around campus. A quick google search seems to show him complaining on some forum about being banned (“oppressed”) fby stormfront.


  3. You should probably delete the photos of the young woman. This Nazi asshole was undoubtedly trying to make a point about her appearance (as if he had room to talk). Note the word “girl” being used to describe an adult woman. Yeah, no need for Venn diagrams with Nazis and MRAs. Have fun in jail, muthafucka.


  4. I have not been able to read much of what this guy posted, but if it is discriminatory and in support of white supremacy I denounce it completely. But I have concerns over the throwing around of the word fascist. “fasc” in German means stick (as in from a tree). And the meaning of that term involves ruling by physical force and physical intimidation. His words may be offensive. Bigots are idiots. We can refuse to associate, refuse to do business with them, reject them in any civil manner we choose. Their words alone however, do not make them fascists. And using that word for these types of situations, demeans the victims who were murdered, tortured, stripped of their belongings and suffered actual crimes at the hands of actual fascists through history. I am glad he will not be teaching, he does not belong in a classroom. I am sure his remaining time at Tech will be most uncomfortable for him. Don’t turn Blacksburg into Charlottesville. Just shun him.


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